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Scalable, web-based architecture that delivers real-time processing,
client-specific configuration and rapid response to changing business requirements.


The Enterprise System takes traditional data challenges out of play with an integrated system architecture and customized packages of business rules that automatically pay claims accurately and on time. The set up and the configuration flexibility of the integrated database allow the claims processing system to perform automated crosschecks and relationship edits, as well as audits on all claims based on each client’s unique requirements. Designed for asynchronous processing, the Enterprise System routinely achieves auto-adjudication rates of nearly 99%.

Additional benefits of our system’s design:

  • Information is stored just once, then referenced throughout the system as needed to deliver faster data recall, flexible reporting services, and enhanced data integrity and security.
  • With the Enterprise System’s web-based design, users need only a supported web browser to securely access system features 24/7/365 from any location at any time.
  • Our design can be rapidly adapted to changing business requirements, making us a perfect partner for insurers looking for solutions to technical implementation challenges related to ACA mandates
  • Depending on business requirements, clients may elect to use only portions of the Enterprise System. With our flexible SQL Server database, our data integration team can assist with custom deployments. 
  • The Enterprise System can be scaled up by adding additional CPUs, memory and/or data storage capacity. If necessary, servers with greater expansion capacity can replace servers with limited resources and/or expansion capacity to meet incremental capacity and performance requirements.
  • We offer Software as a Service (SaaS) and turn-key deployment options.

There’s nothing more exciting to us than seeing technology we’ve created make a genuine difference.

Wonderbox Technologies, LLC

10201 N. Port Washington Rd.
Mequon, WI 53092

  • Wonderbox Technologies
  • Scion Dental
  • Vestica Healthcare
  • Ocular Benefits
  • American Therapy Administrators
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